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What I Watched

Mini-reviews for what I’ve watched so far in January*. I would like to do these on a weekly basis, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Reviews are spoiler-free! They’re too short to ruin lives, I promise.

* To a point. I could review the first two episodes of Community season five, but it’s been so long I’m not prepared to cover it. I could also review Frozen, which I watched several days ago in the local theatre, but … sigh. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

What I Watched: Community & American Horror Story

TV: Community

Episode 5.03: Basic Intergluteal Numismatics
Ley’s rating: 4.5/5
Links: Offical Community Site / IMDB / Wikipedia

I have no idea how they came up with that title, or what it means. At all.

After the disappointment that was season four, I’m glad to see the Community gang is back to what I would consider season three levels. Does Dan Harmon’s presence make a difference? Holy crow, does it ever. Granted, this episode could have been more centered on the group, but I understand why they did what they did — it made the reveal in the third act all the more jarring. Being a huge fan of Hannibal and David Fincher films*, I appreciated the references.

A silly episode, but it was Community in top form once again.

* Fight Club is my absolute favourite movie of all time. Se7en is number two. Yes, I am that ridiculous.

TV: American Horror Story: Coven

Episode 3.10: The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks
Ley’s rating: 4/5
Links: Official Coven Site / IMDB / Wikipedia

I greatly enjoy American Horror Story. I enjoy every episode, regardless of how bland (“The Axeman Cometh”) or indulgent (why is Stevie Nicks here simply to play piano for Fiona?) it decides to be. It’s a ridiculous, campy show like some of the very best horror movies.

In typical AHS style, this episode had more WTF moments than ones that made sense. You sort of just have to enjoy the ride. Or the shawl twirling, as the case was.

At least Coven now appears to have a proper villain. Perhaps. Maybe. We’ll see.

Toshio's Cameo in Ju-On White Ghost

This scene is so much more adorable than it should be.

Film: Ju-on White Ghost/Black Ghost

Ley’s rating: White Ghost 4/5 & Black Ghost 3/5
Links: IMDB White Ghost & Black Ghost / Wikipedia

Two short films in the same vein as Ju-on, in the same non-linear style, and taking place in the same area, but entirely unrelated to the Saeki Murder storyline. White Ghost was by far the better of the two, as Black Ghost felt all too familiar and contrived. White Ghost gets points for creeping me out with something that should be laughable instead. Black Ghost gets points for attempting to do something new with the Ju-on grudge ghost concept (it’s black instead of white!) but in the end, it really didn’t work for me at all.

Being a fan of both Japanese horror and the Ju-on series, they were appreciated additions to the franchise, but I really can’t help but want another Kayako/Toshio story. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that’s on its way.

Instead all we get are atrocious Ringu movies. Sadako3D has a sequel. Cripes.

Film & Television

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I Don’t Even.

Holy crow, where the eff did 2013 go?!

I know, it’s lame of me to pretend I didn’t notice the year going by. One moment, it was a scalding summer spent in my new apartment, the next it was …

Why is it -20°C outside and still snowing?!

In between, there was a lot of working, reading, writing, designing, movies, and television. I feel like I hit the majority of the goals I had aimed for—

Except, of course, that my current novel is still going through revisions. I haven’t developed a proper system yet for editing. I recognize my flaws as a writer, and that is my most glaring one.

But I wrote my first horror novel during NaNoWriMo and won with 60,000 words under my belt. I reached my reading challenge goals, going through 51 books through the year. I haven’t killed my boyfriend yet*. All very good things!

And on the topic of good things, let’s do a rundown of the awesome that I consumed in 2013:

Top Books & Graphic Novels

I also reread Marvel’s Generation-X TPB #1 & #2, which are always a comforting nugget of nostalgia, and the Silent Hill graphic novels. Nothing could top Uzumaki.

Top Movies

At this point, I give up on this list because movies were really not fantastic this year. I watched a lot of them, and rewatched a lot of favourites — I do live with a man obsessed with Repo: The Genetic Opera & The Devil’s Carnival, after all — but nothing amazed or astounded me.

Top Television Shows

There were also rewatches of Firefly, and everything Bryan Fuller – from Wonderfalls to Pushing Daisies, we watched it all. Even that weird pilot for Mockingbird Lane. But not Heroes. Sigh, Heroes.

In the end, I read some fantastic books, saw more mediocre than good movies, and watched a lot of amazing television shows. I’m attempting to keep track of the media I consume better in the year 2014, so hopefully the year-end lists will be more concise then.

Here’s to a fabulous 2014!

* Not that I am ordinarily the killing type, but I did live alone for 2+ years, and I really don’t live well with others. Co-habiting with Jonathan is therefore going far better than anticipated.

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Writing Diary 002 | In Which Ley has an Office & Probably Heatstroke

I intended on writing this post much sooner than I am, but due to the excruciating heat and humidity plaguing Nova Scotia this week, it just hasn’t happened. It’s too hot and gross to think. Yesterday was one of the cooler days, 32°c but with the humidity closer to 40°c. Today is a touch cooler, the apartment finally dropping from 32°c to 29°c, but overall it’s been a pretty disgusting summer so far.

But I digress. The actual purpose of this post is not to whine about heat. Now that I’ve moved into a larger, two-bedroom apartment with the boyfriend, I finally have something I’ve never had before: my own office.


Pictured above: the most important space of all, my desk. Featuring the computer, a poster of Sable Island’s shipwrecks, a painting my sister made of my name in Gallifreyan, and curtains that are way, way too long.

Isn’t it beautiful?

For the first time in my life, I have a designated space to escape to when I work on my writing. I have somewhere to escape to in general — a Ley sanctuary, if you will. And yes, Kilgard is an incredibly understanding boyfriend* who knows a Ley needs 1) an enormous amount of privacy and personal space to be happy in a cohabitual situation, and 2) to write.

I also got to keep my couch and armchair in the move, allowing Ley to 1) have company over if she so chooses, and 2) nap. Also very important.


Pictured above: the opposite wall with the bookshelves. Featuring my Alphonse Mucha oversized glittery calendar, a TARDIS coffee cup, my meagre movie collection, rubber duckies & pez dispensers, beautiful embroidery from my dear friend Joce, and my books. Oh, and cat food.

In closing, moving was a long, tiring process but well worth the effort and sore muscles and traumatized cat**. I got an awesome office. Now if only I could get myself back in the writing/editing groove, and everything would be fantastic …

* I moved into his apartment, and he gave me an entire room to myself. And allowed me to put my girly things everywhere and rearrange his whole life. Yeah, he’s totally bonkers.

** She loved my office even more than I did when we first moved in — in the sense that she did not leave it. By the end of the first week, she was fine. Thankfully. She was pretty sad there for a while.

Real Life, Writing

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Road Trip Wednesday: YA LGBT

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway posts a weekly writing- or reading-related question.

This week, the question is: In honor of the just-ended National Pride Month, what’s your favorite YA LGBT book?

Of course, as YA Highway mentioned, LGBT Pride Month is June for both America and Canada, though here in Nova Scotia our largest Gay Pride week takes place in Halifax at the end of July, so I don’t feel like I’m celebrating anything late.

Not to mention, it is never too late to celebrate LGBT in young adult literature.

Read the rest of this entry »


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Ley Returns & Google Reader Leaves

Ley returns from hiatus! Insert confetti here.

It’s also Canada Day! Yay Kanata! (Canadian inside joke.) Yay more confetti!

It’s been a long month of moving. And because I was moving into what was someone else’s apartment, I was able to take my time. Things were packed, moved, unpacked, and I acclimated to their existence in a place away from me while living as minimally as possible in my apartment. At the same time, the moving process took so long that I felt like I spent two months in a state of upheaval.

bookshelves & Rigby

Ley’s new office, complete with sleepy cat who does not a single fuck give.

You know, as opposed to every other move where I either 1) moved everything all at once because holy crow my lease is up I gotta get out of here or 2) moved from my parents’ and thus didn’t feel bad about leaving all stuff behind.

In far more interesting news, Google Reader is done. As of today, in fact. In case you’re worried about what to use to track all your favourite blogs (or if you’ve never known a site could alert you when your blogs update with new content), I’m a huge fan of Bloglovin. Introduced to me by the lovely blogs of Melissa & Magen, it’s easy to use and has a simple, clean design. And it has apps for iOs and Android.

If you’re moving from Google Reader to Bloglovin, there’s a handy tutorial. And if you’d like to follow my official Bloglovin feed, just click here.


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