That Reinvention I Promised

After a year of no blogging, I finally sat myself down to begin the task of renovating my blog.

All my old posts have been erased (including some favourites — such as the Cupcakeathon 2010 entry, detailing my first foray into baking cupcakes. sniff. so much happy), the layout is tidier, the colours are less garish, and I learned some nifty HTML/CSS things in the process.

I also have a game plan. Or a rough one, anyway.

Now, I’m not going to lie: things are going to be shaky from here on. I haven’t blogged in a while, and so my internet “voice” may not be up to par. It may take a few posts before I find my feet. I also haven’t been very accomplished in my writing, so I’m rusty all around.

Oh, well. To hopefully appease all those who hate me for not blogging …

Ley & Rigby now with demonic kittens!


2 thoughts on “That Reinvention I Promised

  • Dawn Kurtagich

    EEK!!! Beautiful kitty! My mom's cat looked EXACTLY like that as a kitten! 😀
    So much cuteness!

  • Magen Toole

    Welcome back from the blogging underworld. I definitely dig the new layout, that is one lovely header.

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