Link Soup #001

Yeah, that’s right. It’s a bunch of links tossed in together with no theme or consistency whatsoever. Like soup or something. Link soup.

  • Oh look. The darling and talented Elizabeth blogs about 5 Reasons Not To Tell Someone You’re Writing a Book. Where was this a year ago?
  • The comic version of Ain’t No Grave by Magen Toole has been published on Fiction Circus in all it’s black-and-white serialized glory. It’s fantastic. She’s my hero. Go read it now.
  • Magen has also begun posting her long-awaited horror serialized novel online — go check out Flesh Trap. Things like these are why I love October
  • Nightmares & Boners is my favourite blog of the moment. It’s racy, naughty, and beautifully, cleverly written. Not safe for work, but it has “boners” in the title so I really shouldn’t have had to tell you that.
  • Friends With Boys is by a local Haligonian artist I’ve been following since I was a teenager. It’s her latest comic, about a girl who goes to public school after being homeschooled all her life. Also, she can see ghosts.

In other news, I now have a grand total of three Tumblrs, because I don’t waste enough time on the internet as it is when I should be writing: one for writing snippets, one for anything that inspires my writing life, and my super casual rambly one. Please enjoy, and follow.

And now I should go do some planning for NaNoWriMo. (New site goes up October 10th! Exciiiting!)

2 thoughts on “Link Soup #001

  • magentoole

    Thanks so much for all the press! I well and truly appreciate it, dear <3

    • Ley

      You're very welcome! You deserve it. 😀

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