Hi 2012

Oh geez, I updated WordPress and now I don’t know where anything is, and weird messages keep popping out at me. I’m scared, guys. I’m scared.

This is just a random message to let you know I am still alive. 2012 has arrived. We’re almost midway through January, and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. I haven’t been productive at all.

I’m pretty ashamed.

Granted, it was quite busy throughout December, but that still doesn’t excuse not blogging for over a month. I would use the excuse that I only ever get ideas for blog entries right before I have to go do something I don’t really want to do — like going to work or the doctor — but excuses make me sound lame anyway.

In truth, blogging is difficult for me. I don’t like to reveal too many personal details online, because I have had issues with creepy stalkers. I mean, on the internet, we’re all creepy stalkers to some extent (Jenna Marbles says so), but I’m talking the real deal. It’s hard to come up with posts.

That and I really do always get blog post ideas right before I have to go out the door to get to work. Always. And then, by the end of an eight-hour shift, I’ve inevitably lost that urge to write it all down.

What does this mean? I should start blogging at work.

I joke, I wouldn’t do that. (If you are my boss, I really, really wouldn’t do that. Promise. Please don’t fire me. I love you.)

I would make a promise to update more, but promises really don’t get you very far when you’re a serial procrastinator. But I will try, goddamn it — because I’m tired of making excuses and being lame. No one wants to be lame, after all.

(In other news, I forgot about this entry. For eight days, it has been hanging out in my drafts. Whoops.)