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After NaNoWriMo, I stopped writing. I had pushed myself as far as I could go with the zombie novel I’d been writing, and the whole thing had fallen flat with no apparent way to fix it. I spent December pondering if I should push through to the end, force some kind of big climax into what had turned out to be a pretty flat novel in the plot department, or if it was time to switch from writing to revising.

I have two novels, you see, that are not finished. Sure, they have beginnings, middles, and ends, and are both over 60,000 words in length, but one hasn’t been touched since it was originally written, and the other has only ever been edited once. There needs to be some revising and rewriting going on.

So, my quandary over the past couple of months has been writing versus revising. Actually, there have been a lot of quandaries over my writing life, but that has essentially been at the forefront.

Eerily enough, it seems the internet has been pushing me to revise. The Office of Letters & Light recently posted a blog entry by author Jane Sevier offering her perspective on revision. Maggie Stiefvater posted at length about how she edits. And the YA Rebels have been posting videos all week about their revision tips. (Definitely check those out – I love the YA Rebels!)

But I still feel like I’m at the crossroads. And without NaNoWriMo, there isn’t any real sense of urgency to come to a decision anytime soon. My writing life continues to stagnate while I continue to stress out over one simple question:

To Revise, or Not to Revise?

One thought on “Writing Diary | To Revise or Not To Revise

  • Melissa Dominic

    And without NaNoWriMo, there isn’t any real sense of urgency to come to a decision anytime soon.

    this to me sounds like a bit more of the bigger issue! eek! without nano, it doesn't seem important to do much of anything. nano makes it easy – do something new! now it's your call, i don't think the internet can tell you much what to do :/ :/ :/

    i *can* tell you though, that it may be possible to do a bit of both. or, if you love the previous stories enough, you should run back to them and clean them up – rewriting is writing, after all, right?

    in the end, if you're not working on what you love, you're never going to finish or worse, you're going to stop and never go back. what sounds most exciting right now? if it's none of it, then, write something totally new! yeah it's important to get this stuff done, but, if you've been away from writing for a while, you sort of have to entice yourself back to it, don't you?

    something like that!

    i wish you all the best! i want to see literature from you! it is most important 😀

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