Road Trip Wednesday: Surprising Reads
The Archived

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway posts a weekly writing- or reading-related question. This week, the question is: What’s been your most surprising read of the year so far—the book you weren’t sure about going in that really swept you off your feet? Oh. How fun. Except, I can’t pick just […]

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Hemlock Grove: Questions Answered
Hemlock Grove

Several months ago, I posted my disapproving review of Netflix’s original television series, Hemlock Grove. It wasn’t so much a review as it was a means to vent after having marathoning the show with the boyfriend over the span of a few days. In a way, I also needed to wrap my brain around what […]

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Linkspam: Moving Days Edition
Rigby in Box Heaven

Moving is hard. There’s a lot of putting your life into boxes, carting them elsewhere, and then unpacking them and trying to find new places to store them. Life has been hectic, and so my blogging isn’t quite as regular as I hoped it would be. I’m also posting this on entirely the wrong day. […]

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What Teen Ley Read

It feels like I’ve been reading predominantly young adult for years, but in actuality I didn’t “get into” teen fiction until I wasn’t one anymore*. I’m certain I’m not alone in this (similar experience anyone? Anyone? Bueller?), so I won’t pretend like I was special or precocious as a teen. I don’t know what would […]

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Road Trip Wednesday: Inspiration

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway posts a weekly writing- or reading-related question. This week’s question: What are some non-writing blogs, Tumblrs, Twitters, Pinterests, Instagrams, etc., that you follow and get inspired by? I don’t follow any non-writing-related blogs, but everyone I follow on social media inspires me in some way […]

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Sunday Linkspam 001

Music | One of my favourite musical artists of all time, Poe, recently posted a few clips to YouTube and PTCH, revealing that new music could be in the works after eight years of silence. The following is short, but very haunting: Writing | Brain Pickings‘s post on The Daily Routines of Famous Writers is […]

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April Reads

This was actually the Road Trip Wednesday topic for yesterday on YA Highway (best book read in April was, anyway), but I obviously failed at getting it up in time — work and real life got in the way, as always. Anyway. Here are the books I read in April. A bit late. Don’t judge. […]

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