April Reads

This was actually the Road Trip Wednesday topic for yesterday on YA Highway (best book read in April was, anyway), but I obviously failed at getting it up in time — work and real life got in the way, as always.

Anyway. Here are the books I read in April. A bit late. Don’t judge.

Favourite Book Read in April

The ArchivedOf course, anyone who’s listened to me go on about books over the past month knows the answer to this one: The Archived, by Victora Schwab. This book ruined me. I haven’t been able to read another novel since — I’ve been poking through Shards & Ashes, an anthology compiled by Melissa Marr, but nothing has been holding my attention. This may be my favourite novel read so far in 2013.

I fell in love with The Archived the moment I read that first chapter. The writing is exquisite, the world-building is brilliant, and it has all these little bits and pieces that I love. The apartment setting, the library of the dead, a strong female protagonist who interested me far more than her male counterparts, long hallways with endless doors …

At the same time, it was a book I found difficult to read simply because it made me want to write. It made me want to create with the same attention to detail. The same brilliant execution of original mythology. I have it for my Kobo, but I have definite plans to purchase a print copy as soon as I can.

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Other April Reads

Yeah, I failed at getting much reading done this month. I did however read …

Rock Your Revisions: A Simple System for Revising Your Novel by Cathy Yardley

In my neverending quest for a really good book on editing (Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne is my favourite thus far), I grabbed this for my Kobo and gave it a quick read. It didn’t give much information that I didn’t already know from personal experience and searching the web, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. You can find it on Goodreads here.