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Hemlock Grove: Questions Answered

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Several months ago, I posted my disapproving review of Netflix’s original television series, Hemlock Grove. It wasn’t so much a review as it was a means to vent after having marathoning the show with the boyfriend over the span of a few days.

In a way, I also needed to wrap my brain around what I had just watched. Had I enjoyed it to some extent? Yeah. Had it irritated the absolute bejeezus out of me? Sure bloody did.

That post has since become my most popular on my blog, and StatPress informs me that my last twenty or so search terms have all been Hemlock Grove related. So let’s beat a dead horse, and answer some questions that have popped up!


famke janssen bad accent

Sure was. Thanks for reminding me.

how can roman godfrey not know he is a vampire

From what I’ve gathered of the horrendous final couple of episodes, an upir is not an upir until they die by their own hand. In the case of Olivia, she sliced off her own tail and bled to death somehow? (I don’t think the writers know how tails worked.) In the case of Roman, he slices his wrists believing it’s a means of escape from Olivia.

Yeah. Not so much.

famke janssen terrible british accent

Holy crow, was it ever.

does peter romancek die


hemlock Grove how did roman know Peter was a great werewolf

I don’t believe Roman ever thought Peter was a “great” werewolf. Roman knew Peter was a werewolf initially because everyone in the school thought so. That was what I gathered, anyway.

did roman rape letha his cousin

Yes. He did. Physically, it was Roman’s body, although it was part of Olivia’s manipulations. Why did she need a baby from Roman and Letha is the better question.

One might argue Letha wasn’t raped because she believed Roman was an angel, and therefore accepted (and perhaps wanted) it. But she was having sex with him under a delusion, so yeah. Still rape.

I probably just doomed myself to have to answer twenty more search term questions in another month’s time. If you’re visiting my blog and have a question about Hemlock Grove, ask it in the comments below. I’ll respond, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Hemlock Grove: Questions Answered

  • Ren

    How could you tell that roman raped Letha by manipulation of his mother? I always got this creepy feeling he had incestuous feelings for her???

    • Dana

      He cried at the end when Olivia told him that she made him rape Letha. I got the same feeling though, but I think that those were just left over remnants of what his mother made him do. As in, he wasn't fully aware of what was going on yet.

      • Ley

        That's definitely an interesting way to look at it, Dana. I never thought of it that way. I just thought Roman had a weird obsession with his cousin of his own volition.

        Olivia does state she manipulated Roman to rape Letha in order to have them produce the baby. I can't remember the episode, though. The final one, during the showdown? It's been so long since I've watched Hemlock Grove.

  • Guest

    I agree with you Ley. I never thought that Olivia might have manipulated his feelings about Letha. I always thought that Roman did have strong, bordering on inappropriate feelings for Letha which I put down to the fact that he didn't have any other friends and so he became obsessed with her. I thought Olivia mesmerised Roman into raping Letha and then wiped his memory. I kind of hope that she was behind all of it, I want to believe that Roman's good side will prevail. Oh well, off to watch the 2nd season.

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