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Linkspam: Moving Days Edition

Moving is hard. There’s a lot of putting your life into boxes, carting them elsewhere, and then unpacking them and trying to find new places to store them. Life has been hectic, and so my blogging isn’t quite as regular as I hoped it would be. I’m also posting this on entirely the wrong day. S’all good, right?

In other news, my cat is enjoying all the boxes being brought into the apartment. Not so sure her glee will last very much longer …

Rigby in the Box

  • Film | Recently remembered to finally watch Mama, as it’s been something I told myself I would watch when I ran out of horror movies to see. I’m glad I did. The film is creepy, suspenseful, has disturbing children, there’s a hot rocker chick as the main character, and the visuals are amazing — all the things a Ley loves.

    Check out the original short film, Mama, on Vimeo, which is also fantastic.

  • Short Stories | Neil Gaiman would be in my top two favourite short story authors. He recently released free copies of How To Talk To Girls At Parties bundled with an excerpt of his upcoming novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and I enjoyed HtTtGaP as much the second time around as the first.

    He also recently had a new short story, Feminine Endings, published by a lovely horror serial, Nightmare Magazine. And it’s lovely. And a bit a lot unsettling.

  • Music | I love Free Dominguez. She’s lead vocalist in one of my favourite bands of all time, The Kidneythieves, and her recent solo album Volcano + The Sea can be streamed for free before you buy. I love Bandcamp for that reason. It’s not as gothic as her work with Kidneythieves, but it’s still gorgeous.
  • Music | And in a completely different vein of music, I’m very excited to be seeing Jennah Barry this weekend! After a wine tasting. Because there is no way the weekend could possibly get better.

    Her album Young Men is brilliant, and her voice is extraordinary. Give her a listen! Especially 4×4. It’s my favourite.

  • Publishing | All the Publishing Information You Ever Wanted by agent Rachelle Gardner. It’s a freaking smorgasbord of links about agents, queries, and everything else you want (or need) to know.
  • Young Adult | Booktuber Ariel Bissett posted a video In Defence of YA, which is definitely worth a watch. It’s stellar. Huge amounts of gratitude to Ariel for forming every sentence I’ve ever wanted to say in regards to young adult literature.