Sunday Linkspam 001

  • Music | One of my favourite musical artists of all time, Poe, recently posted a few clips to YouTube and PTCH, revealing that new music could be in the works after eight years of silence. The following is short, but very haunting:

  • Writing | Brain Pickings‘s post on The Daily Routines of Famous Writers is inspiring, intriguing, and makes me really, really wish I was writing for a living. The rest of the blog is fantastic as well, full of great posts on writing and reading.
  • Check out WritingHelpers for this massive list of tips on writing. It’s brilliant.
  • This is probably one of the handiest tips I’ve seen in a while, from Shannah McGill.
  • My friend Dawn Kurtagich and a few other writers have put together a pretty fantastic blog called Fox Force Four. They post tremendously helpful articles on everything from writer’s block to self-publishing to writing process.
  • Food | Pesto is one of my favourite things ever, and TheYummyLife has compiled The 25 Best Pesto Recipes. Ermagerd.
  • Now that summer is getting closer, I just want to eat smoothies. All the time. For every meal. This article and infographic is adorable and fantastic and has some great ideas on smoothies for every occasion.