Road Trip Wednesday: YA LGBT

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway posts a weekly writing- or reading-related question.

This week, the question is: In honor of the just-ended National Pride Month, what’s your favorite YA LGBT book?

Of course, as YA Highway mentioned, LGBT Pride Month is June for both America and Canada, though here in Nova Scotia our largest Gay Pride week takes place in Halifax at the end of July, so I don’t feel like I’m celebrating anything late.

Not to mention, it is never too late to celebrate LGBT in young adult literature.

If you’ve never read a LGBT book, or are wondering where to discover more, I highly recommend a visit to Gay YA, an amazing resource and all-around fantastic site. There are a lot of books I wish I could mention that I just don’t have room for (David Levithan, for example, or Luna by Julie Anne Peters).

Honorable Mention: Malinda Lo

Malinda Lo, amazing lesbian young adult authorHaving only read Ash (a lovely retelling of Cinderella) and being only partway through Adaptation (a thrilling end-of-world alien novel), I can’t recommend any particular Malinda Lo book over another. So far, I am enjoying Adaptation as it suits my particular tastes more than Ash or Huntress (which I own, but haven’t read yet).

Whatever the case, Lo is an incredible writer who deserves to be read. She spins such beautiful love stories between such strong female characters. If you’re tired of the YA contrivance of too-stupid-to-live-heroine falls for bad-boy-who-might-kill-her, definitely read Lo’s books.

Her blog and Tumblr also deserve to be followed, as she often touches on LGBT and diversity in YA. Plus, she’s an all-around a well-spoken, interesting lady, and I look forward to reading her posts every week.

Favourite YA LGBT Book: One Bloody Thing After Another by Joey Comeau

One Bloody Thing After Another, by Joey Comeau - the author of A Softer WorldOkay. So. One Bloody Thing After Another is not marketed as young adult. It would never be placed in the teen reads section at your local Chapters. I’m not sure if they even sell it in Chapters. It’s an indie book written by queer author Joey Comeau, one half of the duo behind A Softer World, the long-running and hard to classify (dark comedy? absurdist?) webcomic.

For such a short book, there’s a lot going on in One Bloody Thing After Another. There are hauntings, gore, surrealism, and frightening zombie demon monsters. While one of the characters is an elderly man, two of the main narratives center on teenagers Ann and Jackie. Ann is hiding a disturbing, horrific secret. Jackie is a queer girl confused about her reality. For one thing, she’s in love with her best friend. For another, she’s haunted by her dead mother.

No, One Bloody Thing is not “classified” as young adult. But more than half is written about teenaged characters, and a good portion of that is written about Jackie’s confusion over her newfound love and her identity. It certainly deserves a read by fans of young adult, particularly those who love horror fiction and queer characters.

I’ve read it twice (technically thrice, as chapters were originally published online) and it never ceases to be one of the creepiest — and most captivating — works of fiction I’ve ever read.

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