I Don’t Even.

Holy crow, where the eff did 2013 go?!

I know, it’s lame of me to pretend I didn’t notice the year going by. One moment, it was a scalding summer spent in my new apartment, the next it was …

Why is it -20°C outside and still snowing?!

In between, there was a lot of working, reading, writing, designing, movies, and television. I feel like I hit the majority of the goals I had aimed for—

Except, of course, that my current novel is still going through revisions. I haven’t developed a proper system yet for editing. I recognize my flaws as a writer, and that is my most glaring one.

But I wrote my first horror novel during NaNoWriMo and won with 60,000 words under my belt. I reached my reading challenge goals, going through 51 books through the year. I haven’t killed my boyfriend yet*. All very good things!

And on the topic of good things, let’s do a rundown of the awesome that I consumed in 2013:

Top Books & Graphic Novels

I also reread Marvel’s Generation-X TPB #1 & #2, which are always a comforting nugget of nostalgia, and the Silent Hill graphic novels. Nothing could top Uzumaki.

Top Movies

At this point, I give up on this list because movies were really not fantastic this year. I watched a lot of them, and rewatched a lot of favourites — I do live with a man obsessed with Repo: The Genetic Opera & The Devil’s Carnival, after all — but nothing amazed or astounded me.

Top Television Shows

There were also rewatches of Firefly, and everything Bryan Fuller – from Wonderfalls to Pushing Daisies, we watched it all. Even that weird pilot for Mockingbird Lane. But not Heroes. Sigh, Heroes.

In the end, I read some fantastic books, saw more mediocre than good movies, and watched a lot of amazing television shows. I’m attempting to keep track of the media I consume better in the year 2014, so hopefully the year-end lists will be more concise then.

Here’s to a fabulous 2014!

* Not that I am ordinarily the killing type, but I did live alone for 2+ years, and I really don’t live well with others. Co-habiting with Jonathan is therefore going far better than anticipated.