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Linkspam: Home Sweet Home

I had a lot of grand plans for December. Updating the blog twice a week, working on query letter drafts and novel drafts, keeping my apartment tidy for a change. Except everything changed.

My partner and I bought a house.

It’s been a lot of highs, and lows, and stress, and anxiety, and there have been several points where I’ve just wanted to give up. I plan on blogging about all of this, for anyone interested in the process. Potentially on a brand new blog devoted solely to said house. I haven’t decided.

To fight the stress, I’ve done a lot of Googling. Somehow looking at ways to make a house pretty — whichever house we eventually buy — has been a source of calm. As has listening to Oh Land on repeat for weeks on end.

I’ve only just discovered the destructive inspiring source of Pinterest — I mean, I’ve had one for aeons, but you can use it for things other than collecting random novel inspiration bits? — and created my own home inspiration board. So here are some fun house-related and DIY links.

Amazing Home-related Blogs

  • Apartment Therapy | This site is full of inspiring before-&-afters, DIY projects, & examples of amazing design. It has ideas for home-owners, apartment-renters, & those who live in yurts. Such an amazing site.
  • Dans le Lakehouse | Tanya is a sweetheart, with a great personality and a vibrant style. And she’s Canadian. Do you like turquoise? Not as much as her. That kitchen is so, so beautiful.
  • Design*Sponge | A beautiful, fantastic site somewhat similar to Apartment Therapy, and another must-read. The site’s founder, Grace, recently bought a very old house and I’m excited to see the renos.
  • Primitive & Proper | Cassie has a much more eclectic style with a bit of industrial thrown in that I really love. Plus, she isn’t afraid of dark colours with pops of bright.
  • Ugly Duckling House | While house-shopping, Jonathan and I encountered some truly ugly houses. We did not have the balls Sarah does to tackle said hideous-ass houses. All the awards to Sarah.
  • Yellow Brick Home | Kim and Scott have amazing dynamic photographs of their renovation process, as well as some brilliant posts of DIY and design inspiration. Plus, they have some awesome style.

& Some DIY Projects

  • Easy Abstract Art Step by Step | Did you know you don’t need to be an actual artist to make abstract art? I sure bloody didn’t. Buzzfeed even has a list full of 22 incredibly easy DIY ways to pretend you’re an artist, many of which are pretty badass.
  • IKEA Hackers | Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this brilliant website full of DIY projects galore. I don’t have an IKEA anywhere near me, but this site makes me want to pay that $150 delivery charge.
  • Picture-perfect Paint Lines | I love accent walls. I especially love stenciled accent walls. This is super simple and so flawless: using painter’s tape to make geometric shapes on a wall!
  • Thousands of Free Illustrations | I love illustrations of animals and plants, so I’m super excited to see what I can do with these resources. Also in the same vein: Hallowe’en printables, which in my case wouldn’t just be for Hallowe’en.

As I went through my DIY projects, I started to realize a lot of them weren’t super interesting — how to paint cabinetry, how to strip wallpaper, how to make a multi-storey cat litter box out of an IKEA cabinet — but I feel the blogs linked above more than make up for it, though.