LEYSAULNIER.COM is the personal blog of (who else?) Miss Kimberley Saulnier, wherein she discusses writing & publication, creative inspiration, shares found fiction, and reviews everything from books to cosmetics. She is a woman of varied interests, and this blog reflects that.

About Ley

Short for Kimberley yet pronounced as “Lay” rather than “Lee,” Ley is a nickname acquired a decade ago through a dear friend met via internet. (For those without French tendencies, Saulnier is pronounced as to “sown-yay.”)

Ley is twenty-seven and located in Nova Scotia. She writes. She occasionally does freelance make-up work for a local photographer. Sometimes she does graphic design. More often she can be found in a centuries-old historic inn as a front desk agent, gourmet shop clerk, and hostess.

She enjoys candlelight, walks on the beach, fuzzy kittens, milk in her coffee, and dusty post-apocalyptic cityscapes.

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